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About Me
My Passion
My mission as a playwright is to tell stories about loss, and how people struggle with loss and find a new place in life. I'm passionate about stories of loss of home, inheritance, business, money, and culture. As a white woman married to an African-American man, I'm particularly passionate about stories that can convey to other white people the experiences I've had in a minority culture. I also write love letters to middle age, especially to women navigating the changes in middle age.

My Style
Most of my plays are naturalistic comedy-dramas, but I also use magical realism and a few elements of farce. I've written full-length two-acts, long one-acts, and several short – mostly 10-minute – plays.

My Training
I studied playwriting at Freehold Theatre in Seattle, with Paul Mullin, Elizabeth Heffron, and Rebecca Tourino. I've also taken writing classes of different kinds (non-fiction humor, ghost story writing), at Richard Hugo House. I belong to a playwrights' group that I started (everyone wants to know the name but it doesn't have one!).

In Previous Lives...
Previously, I've been a programmer, Web site designer, project manager, interface designer, and college instructor. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, and a Masters degree in Information Design and Technology from Georgia Tech.

Other Info
I live in Seattle, my hometown, with my husband and two cats, and I'm a member of the Dramatists Guild. I'm the co-author of Playwrights' Muse, a playwright's guide to getting produced, getting published, and letting our briliance shine.